The Ultimate Tease

I walked into your offices entirely dressed in black wearing my six-inch open toe stiletto heels, my stocking-ed red toes peeking out from the stockings, bra-less in a tight shallow low-cut top, my nipples almost popping out, feeling my garters pull deliciously on my stockings as I take every step. My hair was wild and loose, my lipstick and carefully painted long nails were the same vibrant shade of red.

As I approached you, I could see that you were using the phone, and could hear your sexy voice. I could feel the wetness in my pussy; my wet tiny open crotch thong was rubbing against my clit, and I was becoming more excited at what I was about to do.

All inhibitions had been thrown out the window from the moment I began to fantasize about this. Now I was going to make it happen.

You finished your phone call, and I stood silently behind you for a few moments, my perfume filled the room, but you were too busy hunched over your computer to notice it at first. I slipped my hands down over your shoulders as I leaned down and whispered into your ear, "Hello Darling, your fucking slut is here."

You jumped and exclaimed, “Wow, Baby, what on earth are you doing here?” I smiled in reply.

My hands continued to slide down over your chest, brushing your nipples through the material of your shirt. I could tell you couldn't quite believe this was happening. I caressed your body through your shirt, then moved my hands back up to loosen your tie and worked my way back down to your buttons. One by one I unfastened them and slipped my hands inside, stroking your flesh.

I walked around the black leather chair you were sitting in, and faced you. I stood with legs slightly apart, bending forward as my hands held onto the arms of your chair, this meant my cleavage was level to your face, and I saw you lick your lips. I moved closer into you, my stockinged legs either side of your own.

I leaned in to kiss you, just caressing your lips with mine, then moved my mouth down to your neck where I slowly started to lick your skin.

It is evident from your deep breaths that you were enjoying this performance knowing anyone can walk in at any moment. Glancing down I could see you had a huge bulge. We kissed passionately through wanton moans, my sexy lipstick all over your mouth. Your mind was clearly in turmoil, you were at work, in your office and this very naughty slut of yours was now publicly seducing you. You couldn’t stop it, you didn’t want to, you should, but I knew you wouldn’t. Your mind was too busy with all of this to notice me moving your hands to the back of the chair as I crouched to reach behind you.

I used your tie to quickly secure your wrists, then sharply pulled away from you, stood up straight and pulled my skirt down. You looked puzzled.

“What are you doing Baby?” you asked.

“I’m going to fucking seduce you, Darling.”

I turned you around on your chair to face me. I got up, and walked over to your desk, kneeling down in front of you I took your cock in my hand and began to firmly stroke it, your moans told me you were already close to cumming, so I stroked harder. I reached up and pulled my top down to reveal my full breasts. I fumbled for my nipples, and I couldn’t help but let out a moan.

I lowered my mouth to your cock. I slowly licked pre-cum from the head, and then slid you deep into my mouth, swallowing you in one movement. I sucked on you hard, playing with your balls that were so heavy and swollen.

I untie your hands as by now you were fucking my mouth and started mauling my breasts, your moans were getting louder and louder, you were about to shoot your lovely hot juice deep in my mouth, but I pulled away just as you started to cum and rubbed your cock between my breasts.

I stood up, not bothering to straighten my skirt this time, leaving my stocking tops showing, my bare flesh was now in view as I turned my attention to you.

I cleared the desk in front of me; sweeping everything to the floor and perched myself on it. You could see my thong from where you were sitting. You could look at my juices seeping out of the material.

You were rock hard, wanting so much to touch me. I leaned back on the one hand and used my fingers to move my thong to the side. I began to finger my cunt, my deep wet hole. I told you to lie on your back on the floor and placing one high heel on each side of your head, I slowly lower myself to just within reach of your tongue. I ran my long nails over your nipples, pulling hard, saying: "Do you want your fucking slut's cunt... isn't it beautiful, so inviting and I so enjoyed dressing up and driving here knowing you would want your hot slut so bad."

You got up and walked over to me and without a word, pushed my thong further to one side and thrust your hard cock deep inside my cunt. You began to thrust into me, making me moan.

I watched as your cock pushed in and out my pussy. Your finger slid into my ass, making my moans louder and longer.

My body bucked as I started to cum, at the same time you gave a deep groan and came hard in my pussy. You then pulled out your cock you dropped down and immediately started to eat me clean.

It took some minutes for me to regain my composure, but then I stood up and straightened my thong and then my skirt.

I walked over to you; your raging hard-on still clearly visible...

“Come here Slut and kiss me.”

Bending down, I gave you a long deep kiss, letting you taste the cum in my mouth.

I then whispered to you, “Did you enjoy your slut?”

“Very much, my slut, but you have been very naughty, give me an hour, and I will be home, be sure you wait for me as you have been instructed to” Standing back I could feel my cunt lips contracting just by hearing the tone in your voice, “Yes Sir, I want you to come home and take your slut”

I waited for you with trepidation.

As you entered the room, you could see that I’d done correctly as you ordered, and was completely naked apart from my garter belt, stockings and ultra high pair of eight-inch stilettos. I used my own thong as a gag, my eyes were invitingly dark, I spread my ass cheeks and inserted my precious jewel, feeling deliciously wanted as your slut and managed to close the handcuffs, thus securing my arms behind my back.

I heard you walk over to me then came the sound of your zipper and the feel of your beautiful cock brushing against my face.

"Well, my Darling," you said, "You do know why you're in trouble?"

I nodded very slowly.

You spoke again, "You deserve everything that you'll get from me."

You pulled the black thong out of my mouth, and your hard cock immediately replaced it, my tongue began to explore you, and I started to move my head back and forth. "Slower Darling, make it last."

I slowed right down and spent a long time licking and sucking you. After a while you grabbed my hair to increase the speed of my movements again, at the same time you began to push harder into my mouth, in and out, fucking it, until finally pulling out to splash my face with your cum, refusing me even the tiniest taste.

I could still hear the tone in your voice, "I shall reward you like my slut for what you did, I will fuck you and use you, but not let you cum. Do you understand slut?"

I nodded slowly.

You started to pinch my nipples hard, tugging on them to make me stand up.

"Spread your legs slut."

Your foot came between my ankles, making me open my legs. A sharp tug on my hair made me bend forward.

I knew that in that position, cuffed, blindfold, naked and leaning forward, I was going to get a spanking.

"Count them."

The first hard spank came down on my cheeks...

"One Master"

"Two Master"

Until finally, "Eight Master."

In between spanks, your fingers teased my clit, you even brushed my vibrator over my cunt, bringing me so close to cumming, then pulling away and making me almost sob with disappointment, leaving me wanting, ready to agree to anything to be allowed to orgasm.

I felt you stand very close behind me, then your cock pushed deep into my pussy, and you started to fuck me, but by making sure you kept well away from my clit, it gave me no prospect of being able to cum, although I could feel your cock pushing against the jewel in my ass.

I could feel you getting close, as you held my breasts tightly, making sure my nipples were pleasured, making me want to cum even more, then you pulled out of me and I could feel you throbbing against my ass cheeks. I couldn’t help flinching and almost crying with frustration when I felt you wiping your cock on my stockinged leg.

Taking hold of my shoulder, you led me over to the doorway onto the deck; where I stood and waited while I heard you fixing something to the door, and then my cuffs were released. You raised my left wrist and secured it above my head, and then you raised my right one and secured that also to the leather restraint. My face was pressed against the door, arms above my head, I felt utterly helpless and vulnerable to you out on the deck...

I tensed as I felt you remove the jewel from my ass hole, and then came the feel of your stiff cock slowly pushing into my pussy. I couldn’t help but softly moan with desire and push out my bottom to give you better access.

You were still teasing my nipples; they felt like they were on fire. You whispered in my ear all the ways you would make me cum when I finally deserved to cum again, your cock was slowly fucking me…I wanted to scream with my need to orgasm.

I pressed my forehead against the cool wood as you began to fuck me harder and faster, teetering on my ultra high heels, you finally throbbing deep inside my pussy, filling me up.

Turning me around to face you, I felt your tongue start to lick and probe my very wet cunt, you spent a long time lapping and drinking my juices, still very careful though not to let me have that ultimate pleasure.

Eventually, you freed me and removed the blindfold, telling me to go get dressed very sluttily for lunch. First, you slipped both of the remote control vibrators into me, one in my cunt, the other into my ass. Then you sat on the bed and watched me dress, first slipping into my lingerie, then my tight, bodycon dress, that's cut low down to my ass cleavage, the front of the dress hardly covering my nipples and ultra-high slit revealing my legs invitingly to you.

The restaurant was, and you were apparently in a very teasing mood, leaning across the table you reached out your hand and gently stroked my face as you told me that I had been such a good girl that morning, you would consider allowing me to have that longed for orgasm later on.

First, though you amused yourself by switching on the vibrators intermittently, and smiling as I tried desperately not to lose control.

"Sir, I need to go to the restroom."

“No, you may wait until we get home!”

Your smile was even broader as you ordered another coffee, then made a point of taking your time drinking it.

When we finally arrived back home, you insisted on pulling down my panties and removing the vibrators, still taking your time. Your hand seemingly by accident, pushed against my bladder, making my body tighten with panic.

Leading me to the bathroom, you ordered me to stand with my legs on either side of the toilet and to lift my skirt. You silently watched as I gave a massive sigh of relief and began to pee.

When I had finished, you secured my wrists behind my back again with the handcuffs. Then led me into the lounge, where you sat opposite me, teasing me by playing with your gorgeous cock.

After a while you got up and lay on the rug in front of me, saying, "Suck it slut, and give me your cunt.”

"Yes, Darling."

Still, with my hands behind me, I knelt down, a knee either side of your face, then leaned forward to take your cock deep into my mouth with my cunt inches from your face.

I could feel your head between my legs, your stubble teasing my so swollen cunt lips, then your lips were on my pussy as you used your tongue to lick and tease me more.

Your cock throbbed deep in my throat, and I sucked you hungrily, grateful to be able to at last. You continued to alternate between sucking my clit and fucking me with your tongue until at last the most fantastic, seemingly endless orgasm ripped through my body, leaving me shuddering and breathless.

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