It Runs Deep

She sits in her office chair trying her best to keep her composure. Her pussy is throbbing so hard. A simple text message from Him was enough to make her melt like a piece of ice, slowly running its course over her body.

“I’ll be home @ 7 pm, be ready for me.” he texted to her.

She is a true submissive at heart, eager and ready to please him at any moment. How can someone have this much of a hold over someone as powerful and elegant as she? Most of her time is spent being a power player at work. Always around a bunch of stiff dick colleagues who would love to press her face into this desk, and take her from behind, roughly. But she knows better than to mix business with pleasure.

4:30 pm comes around, and she races out of the office like a bat fresh out of hell. Hardly saying goodbye to anyone. All she could think about is Him walking through the door, slowly unzipping his pants, ready to be serviced by His Slut. The thoughts drive her into a daze, so much so that she doesn’t realize that the light had changed. Her fingers were still inside her soaked pussy as she stepped on the gas to ease the eagerness of the drivers behind her.

She arrives at home and takes a deep breath before she gets out of the car. She walks into the house, drops her things on the counter and goes straight to the shower. He likes for her to be as fresh as possible, and she is not allowed to touch herself without His permission, for if he knew what she had done at the red light, her punishment would be dire.

She steps under the warm shower head, allowing it to soak her body thoroughly. The warm water slowly trickles down her perky brown breast, on down to her navel, in between her legs and down her backside. She reaches up to massage her breast under the water; the sensation feels so good that she starts to moan. She takes some soap and lathers it up in her hands, and slowly caresses her body with the soap, making sure to leave no area untouched.

She lost track of time and was enjoying her shower so much that she didn’t realize that He was sitting in her vanity chair, watching her from across the bathroom. He startled her; she was supposed to be ready when He walked through the door.

“I’m sorrrrrrry.....” she trembles.

She hurries to rinse the soap off, but He tells her to take her time, He’s enjoying the show. She exhales and lathers more soap in her hand, all while not removing her eyes from Him. Slowly caressing her nipples, the soap creating a white layer, hiding her glistening brown skin.

She steps back under the water to rinse off the soap once more. He slowly gets up from her vanity chair and walks over to the shower, not taking His eyes off her the entire time. He starts to undo his tie, then His cuff links, His shirt, and finally, He removes his belt, and with one twist of a button, His slacks fall to the ground, and she can see his cock sticking straight out.

They don’t stay a word to each other. He opens the shower door and slowly steps in, but He doesn’t immediately touch her. He stands there, admiring his beautiful Slut, dripping wet from the water and her juices in between. She starts panting slowly, unsure of what He has in store for her. He could look at her in a way that would make her pussy wet like Niagara Falls. Hmmm, this Man drove her wild, she thought to herself.

He walks closer to her and grabs her by the back of the neck. The water starts to trickle down His body and on down to the tip of His stiff cock. She licks her lips with anticipation, and without warning, He guides her head down to His cock and slowly pushes it into her mouth. The water is still trickling down His body and now onto her face. She tries to pull away, but He backs her head up against the wall and places both of His hands on the side of her head.

“Open your mouth wide.” He says.

She opens her mouth as wide as she can, and he pushes His cock deep inside her throat. She gags a little as she looks up into His eyes. He slowly fucks her mouth while holding His hands in place, on each side of her head. She watches him as she focuses on taking all of him down her throat. She’s had extensive deep throat training, so after a few broad strokes, He’s able to keep a steady rhythm.

She could tell that he was enjoying it. He leans his head back to allow the warm water to cover his head. He lets out silent means, reassuring His Slut that’s she’s doing a fantastic job. He props one of his legs up on the shower stool to gain more leverage. He looks down at her, dripping wet with His cock deep inside her throat and thought what a beautiful sight. He picks up the pace and begins to fuck her throat even harder. Still holding her head into position so that it doesn’t hit the wall.

He’s pushing harder & faster into her mouth. She grabs hold of His waist so that she doesn’t lose her balance. She tightens the grip around His cock with her mouth. It drives Him crazy when she does that. The stool is rocking back and forth from his movements, and she can tell He is about to cum, her favorite part.

He quickly grabs her by the hair and props one hand on the wall, still forcing His cock down her throat with every deep stroke. He feels his cock pulsating, enlarging with each deep thrust.

“Open wide!” He says.

She tilts her head back, and he pulls his cock out of her mouth, massaging it slowly before sticking it back inside her throat and letting his sweet, warm cum slide down her throat. He lets out an almost silent “ahhhhhhh” which allows her to know that he’s pleased. She grabs His cock and starts to lick the head clean. She loves the taste of His cum. It’s sweet and goes down smoothly. He puts His back against the wall and watches her as she makes sure not a drop of cum is left behind from its rightful place in her mouth.

He takes her hand and guides her face up to His, allowing the water to play its way over their bodies. He kisses her deeply, more passionately than he ever has before, and she proceeds to lather up some soap, to help Him wash. She knows their ordeal is far from over. She knows there’s punishment coming for her not waiting at the door on her knees, upon His arrival.

“On the bed on your stomach. Ass in the air.” He orders.

Without a word, she exits the shower, dries herself and gets into position on the bed. She has no idea what’s in store for her...

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