His Mysterious Muse

He’s been contemplating contacting her for months now. The excitement mixed with nervousness makes the decision all that more exciting for him. “Today will be the day!” He tells himself as he sits down at his computer to type her an email. Confident with his choice of words, he presses send. He leans his head back in his chair, his hands resting on his forehead, and starts to fantasize what their first moments would be like. He imagines what her scent must be like, how soft her skin would be, how beautiful her face is, her kisses, her touch.

Some time passes, and when he lifts his head, he already has a response email from her. She agrees to schedule to meet him and inquires about his schedule and places they should meet for dinner and drinks. He’s bursting with adrenaline thinking of the perfect place to take her. After all, a woman of her caliber deserves the best.

She’s mysterious, for the simple fact that he doesn’t know what her face looks like. A beautiful stranger that’s soon to become a well-known lover. His goal is to make her his muse. He knows there are many men after her heart, but he never turns down a good challenge. They agree to meet Friday at 7 pm at a nice Italian restaurant in town, and then a nightcap back at his penthouse.

Friday rolls around and he makes sure he leaves the office earlier than he should prepare for his date with her. He drives to the floral shop to pick up a dozen roses, along with a thought-provoking book to stimulate her mind later. He’s watched her for months so he knows exactly what she likes.

He arrives at the restaurant 20 minutes early to have a drink to calm his nerves. He’s laughing at himself because he runs a company every day but he’s nervous about meeting her. He’s chatting with the bartender when he feels a soft hand touch his back. He turns around and it’s her. She’s wearing a red form-fitting dress, that’s drops just below her knees. Her hair is hanging down her back, freshly curled, he can smell the hairspray. Her nails, toes, and lipstick match her dress, and the best thing of all is her face is even more gorgeous than he’s ever imagined. High cheekbones with brown eyes. Full lips with smooth caramel skin. As a Goddess, he thinks to himself.

“It’s so good to finally meet you.”, she says. He hands her the roses and the book and she lightly kisses him on the cheek and hugs him.

“My pleasure”, he replies. “I’ve been wanting to meet with you for some time now, I’m glad we’re finally here.”

Not only is she beautiful but she has a beautiful mind as well as they discuss various topics and laugh together. Onlookers can’t help but to stare at the couple, they’re truly enjoying themselves. They finish their dinner, he pays the tab and they head off to his place. She didn’t drive so she rides back with him. He takes the long way so that he can watch her brown skin glisten underneath the moonlight for a bit. They cruise through the city holding hands, enjoying this blissful moment. Who would have thought just moments ago, they were only strangers, taking a plunge into their hedonistic pleasures.

They arrive at his place and he gives her a small tour. She then excuses herself to the restroom to freshen up while he pours more wine and turns on some light jazz. When she reappears, she’s dressed in the sexiest lingerie he’s ever seen. A sheer white set, that cups her breast and ass perfectly. Her stockings resting perfectly on her thighs, her stilettos high, like he likes. White looks the best on her skin, the contrast is intoxicating. He stands back and admires her beauty, grabs her hand and slow dances with her. He leans in to kiss her neck, which drives her wild, so she grabs the back of his head and starts to push his lips down to her breast.

He puts down his wine glass and proceeds to kiss her breast and work his way down to her the center of her thighs. She props one leg up on the chair and he immediately starts to kiss her pussy. He grabs her by the waist to get a good grip so that she doesn’t fall from the pleasure. She lets out soft moans, grabs his head and positions it to her favorite spot. He increases the intensity and it drives her wild, she can’t resist. She’s moaning wildly and it’s turning him on so much.

He then picks her up and takes her by the window. He signals for her to put her hands on the window and to spread her legs. The sky is clear tonight, so the stars and the moon glistens over their skin. He removes his belt buckle so his pants fall to his ankle. He reaches in between her legs to feel her wetness, knowing she’s ready as moisture drips from his fingers. Without warning her, he slips inside and she lets out the most passionate moan he’s ever heard.

He grabs her by the waist to position himself and continues to press and pulsate inside of her with care and passion. The catch a nice rhythm and he picks up the pace. She screams for him to go faster so he pushes deeper inside of her, faster thrusting deeper as she wants. She’s dripping with pleasure, her wetness trickling down both of their legs. Her knees start to buckle from his thrusts so he picks her up and carries her to the counter. He lays her on her back and kisses her passionately. She sits up from the counter, rolls over on her stomach, pushes her ass in the air for him to see, and takes him in her mouth. The pleasure sends chills all over his body. So much so that he has to grab hold of the counter to catch his balance. She squeezes, spits, and twirls her tongue all over him.  He leans his head back to enjoy it more.

He can’t take it anymore so he turns her over on her back and slides slowly inside of her, watching every inch of himself disappear into her. She wraps her legs around him and as he pushes in and out, in and out. Slowwww, haaaaard, and then slowly again. She lifts up her head and starts to bite his neck, he’s nearing climax and increases his pace. She starts saying dirty things in his ear, dirty things that send him over the edge, and before she knows it, he grabs her waist tighter, pulls out of her, and climaxes on her stomach. As he’s climaxing, she’s rubbing his head and smiling at him, pure bliss and ecstasy.

He grabs her hand and they both head to the shower together. She washes his back as he holds his head under the water, trying to regain himself from the moments he just had with her. He turns around in the shower and starts to kiss her, coupling her breast, he’s the happiest man alive. They continue their shower together and decide to cuddle a bit before she has to leave. He doesn’t want her to leave, but he knows that she must.

“I want to see you again if you will let me,” he says to her as she’s getting dressed.

“Of course my darling.” She says as she kisses him before heading out the door.

He watches her walk down the hallway, so elegant as if she belongs in an old Hollywood movie. He locks the door and plumps down on his bed. Replaying the night over in his head again and again. He feels like he can take over the world. He can’t stop thinking about her, he must have her again. She must be his, he will do whatever he has to make her his. This mysterious woman who just hours before was merely a stranger, has now become a lover he doesn’t want to live without.

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