How To Meet Your Dream Girl

I felt the need to write this blog so that gents who are not familiar with the proper way to meet their dream girl , could get an idea. Reaching out to companions is no different from any other business. Professionalism is vital to make the experience a pleasant one. Here are some tips to consider when reaching out to your favorite companion.

1. The first thing you should do is to visit the companion's website and read over all of the information available. We work so hard on our sites by adding specific details to make the experience easy for both parties. Our websites will have all of the information you need to make the booking process a swift one.

2. Screening is a requirement for most providers. If you are not comfortable with being screened and verified, your request will more than likely be denied. Screening ensures the companions safety and comfortability, as well as yours. If you don't feel comfortable with screening, ask the provider what other methods she may use. Discretion is a priority for providers, but safety comes first.

3. When emailing a provider, refrain from sending explicit and rude emails. General messages such as "hey" and "are you available now" are also not proper email introductions. Be a gentleman and have respect. You wouldn't reach out to your doctor or lawyer using unprofessional language; companions are no different. A simple email introducing yourself, with all of the required screening and date details will let us know if you are a time-waster or not.

4. Most providers do require deposits to secure bookings. Please don't get freaked out when a provider requests this. I can assure you; companions are not going to ruin their reputation to scam anyone out of deposits or your personal information. This small gesture builds trust and makes us providers feel at ease, in case of unexpected cancelations. Researching the provider you're requesting to see will eliminate hesitation and doubt. Today, most of us have active Twitter and Instagram accounts as an extra layer of verification. Reading our entire ad and visiting our websites are key because reputable providers have invested a lot into their websites and images, which lets you know she's safe.

5. Don't try to negotiate a companions rate. Our rates are available on our websites, so unless a discount is being offered, don't assume one should be honored. If you can't afford companions rates, find someone else that better suits your needs. Asking a provider for discounts or "menu" options is not only rude, but it's disrespectful. Be a gentleman and respect the companions business and personal boundaries. How would you feel if someone tried to negotiate your salary?

6. If you feel like a companion is all business before the booking is confirmed, please don't be alarmed by this. We only want to make sure your inquiry is a legitimate one. No one likes having their time wasted, so the quicker you submit your screening information and deposits, the quicker you can meet your dream girl. Miscellaneous topics can be discussed after the date is confirmed or during your date.

Booking your favorite companion is an easy process, just be a gentleman and respect her rules. Read her website and build a respectful relationship that will make everyone happy in the end. Thank you.

xoxo Carmen

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